A New Beginning

This is my first blog ever!  For years I have been reading other people’s blogs. Today, however, I felt the need to start my own. I have so much to say and share that it all has become a big blog in my head.  Now, I need to let all that info loose.

To begin with, I want to use this as a forum where parents, women or men of all ages can share their wisdom, their concerns, give and/or ask for advice. As the mother of two young adults, I know firsthand that, after a certain age, kids “know everything” and don’t want to listen to our advice. That doesn’t mean we stop worrying or caring about them does it? Now more than ever our kids need our prayers and our help, even if they think they don’t need us anymore. I help teach middle school children and it pains me to hear some of their stories – some of them have seen and experienced things no child should ever while others are wise beyond their years. I can only hope and pray that I’ve been able to inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

And that is it in a nutshell!  My original desire was to help my own become the best version of themselves – not just my kids but my nieces, nephews and their kids as well. However, my own seem to not have the ears to hear. That said, far beyond my own circle, I am seeing the new generations repeat the mistakes of their parents and then some. Life appears to be a vicious circle from which no one can break free.

Well, my hope is to help those who do have ears to hear to break free; to speak out and get out of that vicious cycle – to make a difference. To start their own circle in which families and children thrive in real life, not just in their dreams. For those of us with adult children, who said WE can’t start over? Let’s work on us and be the spark that incites our children, our grandchildren to follow suit. We’ve heard it before: we can’t change anyone else but ourselves. Well, let’s! Decide to make this the day you set yourself free. Let’s create the change that starts the ball rolling. The past is gone; perhaps it was good, perhaps not. Regardless, let us focus on the present and create a better future for us and especially our children. Let’s create a legacy they’ll be proud of!


~Cruz Alejandra


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