Back to Basics

I have delayed this message because there is so much I want to say and where to start is amazingly chaotic. Everything seems relevant and urgent. Every day I seem to encounter something specific I want to speak out about and just when I decide, something else seems more urgent. So much so that I pose this question: What if there was a place that offered every course you wish you had learned in school and where you’d surely send your kids or grandkids because you know they must have this knowledge to survive in the real world, would you do it? And better yet, where you could not just send them but attend yourself to learn everything you needed to learn back when—would you subscribe to it?

Now, let’s assume I’m creating this place right now: Let’s call it “Back to Basics” – my original name was School of Hard Knocks; but, I think that applies to most of us adults and not to our kids. The truth of the matter is we are trying to save them from Hard Knocks isn’t it?   So, here is my curriculum and I want you to review it carefully and tell me what is missing – think about your lives, your kids’ lives, your relatives’ lives – What one thing, or more if needed, would have made a difference in yours or their life if you would have known or had access to it.

  • Accounting 101
  • Balance, Mind, Body & Soul – A holistic or integrated approach that considers the whole person.
  • Credit  – What every consumer should know about credit and their credit score
  • Dressing for Success (on a budget)
  • G.E.D. for adults (high school drop outs and the like)
  • Money Management / Financial Planning 101
  • Nutrition 101 – Eating Healthy (on a budget)
  • Physical Fitness – Building an Active Lifestyle
  • Resume Workshop
  • Success Fundamentals (goal setting, creating habits or revamping old ones)

Right of the bat, I can tell you I’d be the first student. I listed everything I wish I would have learned or heeded back when. Hindsight is 20/20 and, as I previously stated, our kids don’t want to listen to us now because they think they know better. Let’s face it; we did it to our parents too. And, truth be told, some of our kids do know more than what we knew at their age. That said, a few years from now, some of them, if not most of them, can find themselves in need of this particular education — some of them sooner than later.

So, go ahead, review the list. Tell me, what course or courses would you take. What course or courses are missing or would you suggest be included. I’d love your feedback.


~Cruz Alejandra


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